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Top 10 Most Interesting Hotels in the World
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Hotels. Big buildings, shining lobbies and relaxing. Have a look at our list and change your mind.

  1. Ice Hotel

    Canada, Finland, Switzerland
    Everything is made of ice!

  2. Hobbit Motel

    New Zealand (Woodlyn Park- Waitoma)
    It is inspired of the Lord of the Rings

  3. Utter Inn Hotel

    Switzerland – Malern Lake
    It is two part, under the water & upside the water

  4. Prison Hotel

    Malmaison – Oxford – England
    Alcatraz – Germany

  5. Survival Pod Hotel

    Holland – Lahey River

  6. Null Stern Hotel

    It is an old nuclear option.
    Zern star hotel. The only star is you

  7. Capsule Hotel

    Japan – Tokyo
    Each capsule has only a TV & a bed

  8. Cave Hotel

    Cappadocia – Urgup

  9. Kolarbyn Hotel


  10. Das Park Hotel

    It is made of sawage system.